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First Project

The first knitting project I ever completed was a dishcloth, which I gave to my sister.

She must think I don’t like her very much.

That dishcloth was a beautiful example of novice knitting. The stitches were all there… more or less, anyway. The knits were generally where the knits should be, and the purls were mostly in their place as well. But it wasn’t quite right. The cast-on edge was much longer than the cast-off edge, giving it a, well, a rather trapezoidal shape. The rows wavered a bit like a drunken party girl in unfamiliar high heels. It was so bad that I didn’t even photograph it, and I photograph virtually everything. That dishcloth really should have been called a very large swatch with ends woven in. Still, it was my virgin project, so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. At least I finished it, right?

My second project, also a dishcloth, was stunning. Is stunning. It’s still sitting on my dining room table, and I admire it at least once or twice a day. It’s a neat pattern from my learn-to-knit book, which was not useful for actually learning to knit but does contain two very lovely dishcloth patterns. Good thing that book was 75% off.

In any case, once I get around to it, I’ll post a picture of my stunning dishcloth. Maybe I should quit calling it a dishcloth, though. With all it’s stunning-ness, I’ll probably never bring myself to actually scrub something with it.


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