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Baby Doll’s Blanket

My sweet little children have become quite motherly with their toys. The cutest thing they’ve done so far is to try to nurse their Little People. DD2 likes to cradle her stuffed Elmo as if it were a puppy. They both share a baby doll, too, and take turns carrying her around and putting her to sleep.

It occurred to me, one fine summer day, that this poor baby doll would have a much better time of it if she had a proper blanket. My girls have beautiful knit blankets that a friend made for them, so it only seemed fitting that their doll should have one, too. I dug in the stash and found a misshapen skein of inexpensive purple acrylic, one of the first skeins I bought when learning to crochet. There was plenty in there for a little dolly blanket. With a pair of #8 circulars, I cast on 45 stitches.

This seemed like a good time to play around with stockinette stitch. I gleaned from some of my forays into knit patterns that stockinette has a tendency to curl up, so I worked 3 rows in seed (moss) stitch first. Then I switched to stockinette, leaving a 3-stitch border in seed stitch on each edge.

Wanting a little punch to break up the stockinette, I interspersed it with double rows of garter, with every third repeat a quadruple row of garter for added variety. The “pattern” came out thusly:

working first 3 and last 3 stitches of each row in seed stitch (always k-p-k, for both sides), work:

  • 3 rows stockinette (p, k, p)
  • 4 rows garter (all k)
  • 3 rows stockinette (k, p, k)
  • 4 rows garter (all k)
  • 3 rows stockinette (p, k, p)
  • 8 rows garter (all k)

repeat stockinette / garter pattern 2 more times

work 3 rows in seed stitch for top border

(bind off 3rd row in seed stitch)

break yarn and weave in ends

Blankie measures approx 12 1/2″ x 14″ before washing & blocking. Pictures coming soon. I think the k’s and p’s are in the right places, although I’m still learning how to count stitch rows. The pictures will probably explain it a lot better than my measly instructions, especially since it is really incredibly easy.

Baby Doll loves it, by the way. She sleeps very restfully now, when she’s not busy having lunch or taking a bath.


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