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Ho-Ho-Ho(liday) gifts

Erg. I’ve got a bulging bag full of barely-begun WIPs for the holidays. There are too many things on the needles, and just not enough focus to actually finish anything. Well, I did finish another stunning dishcloth, in Lily’s bold Playtime ombre, which is a one of the prizes for next weekend’s cookie exchange party. But even that needs two ends woven in. I’d better get organized.

Let’s see what’s in the WIP bag, then. We have self-striping camoflauge socks for little nephew J. One is finished, while the other is just started. More than halfway done. That’s real progress ’round these parts. These socks were the first thing I ever did on DPNs and, I have to admit, they look quite cute. Pics coming soon.

Hmm. Next-closest-thing-to-finished is sis’ felted Christmas stocking. It’s in a color scheme that will have special meaning to her, and only to her. Hence, why I’m making it that way. This stocking is also done on DPNs but in a larger gauge, since it will be felted. The pattern calls for an inserted heel, which I think is more confusing than just turning a regular old heel, but I’ve only turned two heels in my life and never inserted any, so maybe that’s why it seems harder. I have knitted in the heel stitches with scrap yarn and am about 5 rows from the toe shaping. There are several mistakes near the cuff, but they are minor, and I am (praying to god and) hoping that the felting will cover up my newbie-ness. If not, there’s time and yarn for another. Rii-iight.

Next up: another dishcloth, not particularly stunning but still cute. It’s a simple garter stitch but is done on the diagonal. It starts with 3 stitches CO and then increases one every row to 49. I’m almost halfway, which means after two more rows of increases, I’ll have to remember to k2tog instead of ktfl ktbl (or whatever the shorthand is for that increase) every row til it comes back to the original 3 stitches. I’m using Lily cotton in a self-striping ombre, which looks really really grooovy. This cloth is also for the cookie party, and I’d better get clicking on it since there’s just a week left to go before the festivities.

Also in the bag: a skinny scarf, which is the replacement project for the fancier and fatter scarf I was originally making with my Pretty Cheap yarn. I didn’t like the way the moss stitch was working up, plus the wide pattern made for slo-o-ow going. The new scarf is a simple garter, which shows off the novelty yarn nicely. I added a lettuce edge by casting on 36 stitches, decreasing with k2tog all across the second row down to 18, knitting 2 more rows even, then decreasing again all across the row down to 9 stitches. I’ll knit the 9 stitches evenly in garter until I just have enough yarn to increase back up to the 36 original stitches to make the other edge ruffly. That’s the plan, Stan.

Another intended holiday project is a set of golf club covers for my stepdad. I don’t know if he’ll get them this year or not, though. He’s a very serious golfer, and has rather expensive clubs (and covers) already. So anything I make has to be absolutely awesome in order to compete. I’m still so new at knitting in the round on DPNs, and don’t want to knit them flat and sew a seam- bleah! Maybe I will wait until I have a few more in-the -round projects under my belt. Maybe this will be a gift for next year.

On the crochet front, my mom’s lovely afghan is finished and just needs ends woven in. It’s a damn lot of ends, though. If I do another squares afghan, which is in the works for my sister, I will be sure to weave in most of the ends before joining the squares together. It’s kind of anticlimatic to have the whole thing sewn together and still be left with the tedious work of weaving in all those troublesome ends. The afghan is divine, however, even with stray yarns sticking out all over it. It’s from Heirloom Afghans To Knit And Crochet, and the pattern is called A La Foo Foo. It’s an unusual square pattern that involves making a crochet flower center and then stretching/working it into a square over several rounds. The color scheme matches my mom’s spare bedroom perfectly, and the flowery design will go with its current motif. I hope she likes it, especially since it’s taken me about a year to finish.

For my nephew D, I am working up my first amigurumi. It is Hellcat’s Ototoro pattern , which- as someone so concisely described – is so kawaii!!! Totoro is from a Hayao Miyazaki’s film My Neighbor Totoro, a beautiful story about two young girls and their forest spirit friend. We got our girls hooked on it this summer, and my nephew now loves it, too. So far, I have the body and one ear done. It’s working up nicely with Lion’s Jiffy yarn, and actually looks recognizable. Add a picture of this Totoro project to the I-promise-to-post-a-pic-soon list.

There are, of course, many other projects milling about in my brain, including knitted things with cables on them. I sort of learned how to do cables and got myself a cable needle. Now, I want to practice them. I started making a simple 3-cable scarf with Lion’s Wool Ease, but I think my needles were too big for the yarn and it kept coming out all wonky. Besides, there’s already plenty o’ things in the WIP bag to keep me occupied.

Speaking of which, I can probably insert that heel while the kids are still sleeping. Better get to it- there’s only 30 fricking days left unil christmas.


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