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Out of the WIP and into the Gift Bag

My sister’s stocking is finally felted. Actually, it got felted the other night, but I’ve been a little sick and just haven’t had a chance to post about it.  It came out…. (dare I say it??) well, I think it came out great.

As I mentioned before, the knitting wasn’t so great. I made several blunders at color-changes (hey, it’s my first with multiple colors, people!) and some of the stripes had jogs you could kick a football through.

That’s particularly funny when you see the stocking:


Yes, my sister is a Cleveland Browns fan, and her gift is a felted stocking in her favorite [American] football team’s colors. These would be their home colors, to be exact.

As I was saying, there were a few noticeable errors in the actual knitting. I almost didn’t proceed to the felting step, to be honest. Fortunately, I stuck it out, and was lucky to have learned firsthand the most fabulous maxim in all of yarndom:

Felt it, and all your sins shall be washed away…

I felted the stocking in my washing machine (top loaders do have the advantage in this instance). It’s only lightly felted, and the brown yarn felted more than the white or orange yarns did, but that’s a fabulous stroke of luck. The stripes kept their definition, and the heel/toe part is nice and dense.



To make the hanger, I picked up three stitches with a DPN where I wanted the hanger to begin, worked I-cord until it was long enough, then did a three-needle bind-off using three stitches picked up two rows below where I started. There’s just enough texture in the I-cord after felting to make it really interesting (i.e., it’s not just a fuzzy, felty loop on the stocking’s edge), but the felting hides any trace of the picked-up stitches -good, since they looked kind of wonky before the stocking went into the washing machine.


God. I so love felt. Hope my sister does, too.


2 thoughts on “Out of the WIP and into the Gift Bag

  1. Looks AWESOME! (other than the colors, says the Steelers fan) You did a great job. Felting does make all those “design elements” fade away. 🙂

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