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Nana’s Foo Foo Afghan

I mentioned that I was making an afghan for my mom’s Christmas present, and am just now getting around to posting pictures. It came out just beautiful. At least, that’s what she said. I suppose that, since she spent most of Christmas morning with it wrapped around her shoulders, I should believe her. Here. You can decide for yourself.


The finished Foo Foo (as I lovingly call it) is about 4′ square. Ish. I didn’t do a good job of measuring it afterwards, so caught up in photographing its brilliance was I.


Yeah, I know, the light settings are wonky. I was caught between daylight and tungsten and didn’t know which way to turn. Just use your imagination.

And here we have a shot of the beautiful ruffly edging, made by simply inserting as many double crochet as you can possibly fit into each set of SC loops:


This is my first “real” afghan (i.e. made with squares pieced together). It’s not bad for a novice effort, in my ever-so-humble.

Coming soon: camouflage socks for the nephews. Stay tuned.


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