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Socks x2

I just finished the nephews’ socks and couldn’t wait to post them. They are adorable. I hope they are as comfy as they look. These are a present for Orthodox Christmas, which is today, January 7. Yes, I know, there’s nothing quite like getting stuff finished at the eleventh hour.


Please don’t criticize the photo. Obviously the light is bad and the socks aren’t centered. This picture is better:


Unfortunately, you might not recognize those as socks as the angle is kind of bad and they’re all lumped together like a bizarre centerpiece in a Moose lodge.

It gets better, trust me.

Back to the socks. I made two different sizes using a pattern from Paton’s sock patternbook, Pull Up Your Socks. For nephew J18mos, I used the 2-year sizing. Nephew D4 is getting the 4-year ones. Hope they fit.

Here’s a shot of J’s socks:


Aren’t those just adorable? Can’t you totally see those on a little boy? (I hope so.) The yarn is either Bernat’s or Paton’s Camouflage (can’t remember, can’t find the skein wrapper) 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn on 3.25mm DPNs. This pattern is “Child’s Rolltop Sock”.

Closeup of the heel:
Followed by the toe:

The other pair just got finished this morning, as in, minutes ago, they still needed grafted.


For the 4-year socks, I used pattern #11, “Bright Delight”, with the same anonymous-brand camo yarn and 3.25mm DPNs. The only difference between the two patterns is that the latter has a ribbed cuff instead of a rolltop. I also changed things up by using only the camo yarn, instead of including an accent color on the heel and cuff. I figured there was already plenty going colorwise with the camo yarn, and also wanted a way for their non-knitting Mama to know whose socks were whose.

Finished 4-year socks:


Here’s a closeup of the heel and gusset:


…followed by the toe:


Don’t these just look deliciously comfy? (And not too unlike a knitted condom?)


Camouflage socks rock. Merry Christmas, nephews!


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