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What To Knit? What To Knit??

Now that the holidays are over, I’m finding myself sort of project-less.  There are a few dishcloths on the needles, just so I have something to do, but those aren’t looking very exciting right now.  I’m still on my sock high.  I want to make more wearables, like shirts or sweaters.  I want to do some more felting.  But what to do?

Fortunately, a friend gave me one of those perpetual calendars with a different knitting pattern for almost every day.  Specifically, this one:

Knitting Calendar

Now, if you were not a knitter, that woman on the cover would probably not get you very excited about it.  She probably wouldn’t entice you into trying the projects inside this calendar unless you were already obsessed with the craft.   She looks so surly that I keep the box turned backwards on the kitchen counter,  lest I get a glimpse at her sourpuss face before having coffee in the morning.  But the patterns are a delight.  In fact, January 1’s project, the very first pattern (duh!),  looks really appealing.  It’s a felted bucket bag, which I think could be done in not too much time and which looks really really lovely.  And useful.

Guess it’s time to hit the yarn shoppe again and find me some wool.  Darn.  I hate when I just have to go buy more yarn.


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