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Waffle Stitch Wash Cloth

I recently finished a little cloth, which I made all for myself. I’ve made all sorts of things but never kept any of them. It was nice to do something for Me for a change.

This cloth uses what’s called the “Waffle Stitch” pattern. I guess they call it that because the right side looks like the little squares on a waffle. It’s a really easy stitch to do. Cast on a multiple of 3+1 (plus any border you’d like to have). Then the pattern has four rows:

  1. (RS) P1,K2. Repeat to end of row, ending with P1.
  2. (WS) K1, P2. Repeat to end of row, ending with K1.
  3. Repeat Row 1
  4. Knit across.

Thus, you will end up with something like this:


This cloth has a 3-stitch garter border on each edge and 4 rows of garter stitch on the top and bottom of the cloth. And if you’re very clever, you’ll notice that I photographed it sideways. No idea why I did that.

Here’s a full shot of the front:


It’s a little lopsided since I hurried up and photographed it before blocking, but you get the general idea.

The nice thing about this cloth is that the back looks nice, too. The pattern reverse looks like vertical ribs of knit on a purled background:


Here you can see the back contrasted with the front:


Yarn used: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton ombre. Needles: Clover size 6 (4.25 mm). Finished size before washing and blocking: approx 8″ w x 7.50″ H, over 46 stitches cast on.


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