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Diagonal Garter Dishcloth with Extra-Pointy Corners

Thanks to Ravelry, I found a modded version of the traditional diagonal-garter dishcloth. This one has instructions for making the bound-off corner (and the two corners opposite the longest row) extra-pointy, so they are more similar to the cast on edge. This also makes the final eyelets centered and the cloth more symmetrical. I like the way it turned out.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, since the pattern is pretty simple. Basically, you cast on 4 stitches, do an increase, and then keep increasing by doing a yarn over after the first two stitches and before the last two stitches of every other row. This part is important, because I did not read the directions carefully and couldn’t figure out *why* my dishcloth started out so terribly wonky. It was because I wasn’t knitting a straight row in between the increase rows. Doh.


Once we got all that sorted out, though, this is a super-fast and easy knit. It’s a great portable project, especially if you knit on circulars. Stick one in your handbag or purse and you can whip out a few rows whenever you have the chance.


I’m really bad about keeping skein wrappers, so I don’t remember the name of this colorway. But they yarn is a 100% cotton Peaches ‘N Cream by Lily. This is great dishcloth yarn. It’s slightly thick, and I find that the dishcloths I make with it are a lot bulkier than my commercial ones. Sometimes that’s a disadvantage, like when you’re trying to wash something small (like my kids’ tea set). But for most jobs, the cloth is very luxurious to use and the purl bumps of the garter rows make great scrubby surfaces.


Finished size: approx 7″ x 8″. (Yes, I know it’s not a square.)
Needles: 4.5 mm (US 7)


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