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My sister’s wedding afghan is moving along. It’s slow work, but enjoyable. I have been averaging about 2 rows a day. At this rate, I will finish in approximately 136 days. That’s a real outside number, of course. At some point, I will panic and begin knitting furiously, finishing up on Christmas Eve just as she’s pulling in the driveway. We’re good like that, though.

So far, I’ve worked 2 1/2 of the 20 balls of Wool of the Andes. I really like this yarn. For $1.99 a skein, it’s great stuff. Can’t attest yet to the durability, but the workability is top-notch. It’s slightly stretchy, just as you would expect, but holds together very well. I haven’t had any problem with splitting or snagging. In fact, it’s one of the nicer wools I’ve worked with.

Since I am a novice at cabling, the metal fishhook-shaped cable needle was a disaster. Instead, I am using a wooden DPN one size larger than my project needles. This keeps the stitches to be twisted snug and firm. On my fishhook cable needle, they kept wanting to slide off while they were being twisted, or else they were a complete pain to get off when I was working them. Yuck. I like the chunkier feel of the larger needle, and the straight DPN handles much better than that weird hook did, for my taste.

Work in Progress

I alo like the DPN for the knot of the large cable pattern. This calls for you to slip 6 stitches, once worked, from the right needle to a cable needle. You then wrap the yarn 4 times counterclockwise around the stitches, then slip them back to the right needle and continue on your merry way. It makes a very interesting “knot” and is a great detail in the cable pattern. You can see it in the upper center of this picture:

Knot Detail

All in all, I’m pleased with this pattern and with the yarn. More progress reports soon.

Two Repeats


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