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Circular Place Mats

I made these cotton place mats as a Christmas gift for my mom. She lives in Florida now, and done in a bright yellow yarn, they remind me of the Sunshine State.

Table Setting

The pattern comes from “Traditional Victorian Whitework To Knit & Crochet for the Home” and is simply called Circular Place Mats. It is surprisingly easy, worked over no more than 25 stitches at a time.   Short rows and yarn overs make the spiral pattern.  I knitted these with Sugar’n Cream cotton in yellow.

Place mat in use

The pattern picture shows a closed center hole, but when I tried doing that it looked very sloppy. So I just left the small hole in the center. It looks better that way.

Finished Placemats

Mom has a hexagonal table, so I made her a set of six placemats.

Mom's set

As soon as she got back to Florida after the holidays, she sent me a photo of her new placemats on their table.


A few days later, she said they had visitors for dinner and one of their friends asked where she had bought them.


I am pretty sure that’s supposed to be a compliment.  🙂


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