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A bunch of FOs

I’ve been bad about blogging my FOs (and WIPs, and new projects, and pretty much everything). It seemed like a good idea to tie things off and weave in ends, so to speak.

First of all, I finished Gail, in time to wear it to both a funeral and the wedding for which it was intended. It was very bittersweet that my cousin, D, who passed away after battling cancer for years, requested everyone wear purple to her funeral. So while I am not overly pleased that I did run out of yarn and ended up using some solid purple for the border, it was nice to have a handmade thing to wear on that day in her memory. I also ended up entering it in the county fair, and won a second place ribbon (as did friend L, who entered a lace baby hat). Our first reaction was, “yay! we got ribbons!”, quickly followed by, “we didn’t get BLUE ribbons ! Must try again next year!!” I want a blue ribbon, dammit.

I have also managed to finish a few small things, like a frog bath puppet (pictures are somewhere) and a set of crocheted shamrocks for a friend’s Race For The Cure event.


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