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My Gail is coming along beautifully. The Creatively Dyed yarn is absolutely gorgeous. While there are multiple colors going on all at once, I think it looks neat knitted in Gail’s lacy fabric. A solid pattern probably wouldn’t show off the variegations as nicely.


I’m really worried about running out of yarn.

The skein wrapper claims there are “500+ yds and 184 gms”. The original pattern calls for 416 – 437 yards / 100 gms of Handmaiden Sea Silk, a fingering weight yarn, on size 7 needles. I ought to be fine, but I’m using size 8 needles. And my ball of yarn is getting nerve-wrackingly small, considering we’re now working 266 stitches each time across.

A lot of knitters only did six of the seven repeats. I originally thought to do the same just to be safe. But then I weighed my ball, and it seems like there might very well be enough. I have about 55gms of yarn left.
But it will be close.

After a lot of worrying and letting it rest for a day, I decided to string a lifeline after repeat #6, proceed with repeat 7, and hope for the best. If there isn’t enough yarn to work the edging and bind off, I’ll rip back to the lifeline and just end up with 6 repeats. If there is, well, then, hooray. Or I’ll get some solid yarn to bind off with. A few others have done that and it looks pretty neat.

I’m also toying with adding some beads to give the edging a little more weight. I have some coppery acrylic size 8/0s that might look really glitzy (in a nice way) with this yarn. Decisions, decisions…

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Gail (or, “Completely Ignore that Last Post about Socks”)

So last week when I was all excited about knitting socks? Yeah, forget that. Well, not entirely; I mean, I’m still working on the 3 pairs from last post, and am still excited about them. A few books I’d requested from the library on colorwork came in since then and I do still find the whole idea of knitting motifs into socks and doing eastern-inspired footwear enthralling. But something shiny fluttered past my monitor and caught my eye, damnit. And so now- for the time being, at least- I’m doing lace.

I’ve had a skein (500+ yds) of Creatively Dyed fingering-weight since the 2009 Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet show, and it’s been gently hanging above my monitor since then, just waiting for the right project to come along.

Creatively Dyed Tradewinds in Kiwifruit

One night, lurking in the Ravelry pattern database (don’t so many of these projects start that way?) I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else had that colorway and what they might have done with it. I hadn’t checked since buying it, and with so much time passed maybe something else had popped up.  Well, no one else had Kiwi Fruit, but I did find a few knitters who’d used Creative’s Tradewinds yarn, and one of them made a Gail shawl with hers.

It appears that about 1300+ people have made Gails, in fact.  And normally, I prefer to live off-the-beaten-path, but looking at page after page of these gorgeous leaves and these pointy little edges all done in every colorway imagineable… well, she sucked me in, did Gail.  I wound the skein, the first skein of hand-dyed yarn ever bought for my little stash, and decided to throw caution (and socks) to the wind and cast on.

It’s been less than a week, and I already have four of the seven repeats done. 

4 repeats of Gail done

They get longer as you go along, so that’s hardly impressive, but for some reason lace shawl knitting always seemed to me like one of those tedious afghan-type projects that take practically years (around here, anyway).  I can already see the end of this project, especially if I keep knitting on it like I have the last few days.